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Making disciples of Jesus Christ who are rooted deep with god, rooted deep with one another and reaching wide into the world

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Bold Vision: To see every student in Hancock County hear the GOSPEL from a friend and respond to the GOSPEL from a friend

  • 20 people each month caring for someone in their ​Cause Circle, or others who do not know Jesus.
  • 60 Spiritual Conversations every month.
  • 20 Gospel Conversations every month.

Start your own CAUSE Circle & CAUSE CREW

  • Begin praying for 3 friends, family members, neighbors or students who you want to see begin a relationship with Jesus
  • Take the Daniel Prayer Challenge and pray 3 times a day for your CAUSE Circle
  • Find 3 other friends to form a CAUSE CREW and pray for one another's CAUSE CIRCLE and meet once a week to pray together.
  • Look for ways to show CARE to people in your CAUSE Circle.
  • When opportunities come to begin Spiritual or GOSPEL conversations with your CAUSE Circle take them!





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